Silk by Chris Karlsen 

I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

At first I was not so sure I would like the story, but I had committed myself and was not going to let the author down. Once I started to read it and got to know the characters I was not sure how “Rudyard Bloodstone” would be the hero. I found myself liking “William” the villain of the story. I actually felt sorry for him,what with accidentally killing his mistress and all. I was not so fond of the detective “Rudyard Bloodstone”. He just didn’t sound like a hero should be. He was to rough around the edges and ridged concerning the upper class or aristocracy. As the story progressed I stopped feeling sorry for “his Lordship” and started to root for “Ruddy and Archie”.  The story is suspenseful, exhilarating and captures to the very end. I would not only recommend this book as a must read but would also recommend the author. I have definitely added her to my author list next to Elizabeth Rose, Lyndsay Sands, J.R. Ward, Claire Delacroix among others. Chris Karlsen made the characters come to life and had me wishing for a TV series by the end of the story. I can’t wait for her next book even if it is not about “Ruddy”.
This awesome book is currently on sale for just .99 cents, don’t miss the opportunity to discover a new author or read her current books. Chris Karlsen does not disappoint. 


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